Monday, 17 October 2016

Strip Poker Friends E-Books

There are a great new series of E-books by Cheri Grade out. There are three parts. You might want to give them a look. Here is a synopsis. Please see the links below if you are interested in reading them.

After a chance meeting, five friends get together to play a game of strip poker and one of them is going to end up naked. Will it be shy Anna, friendly Bradley, seedy Curtis, flirty Donna or cruel Elizabeth? As is often the case, one game is not quite enough. Over time, more games lead to more of the friends being revealed emotionally as well as literally until the final game sees the stakes raised higher than ever before. With marriage and friendships on the line, it will all come down to the turn of a single card. Whatever the result, these friends will never be the same again...

The links are:

Game one:
Game two:
Game three:

Author page:

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Kellie from Jeremy Kyle Show.

These are pictures of a woman named Kellie. She was on the Jeremy Kyle Show. She is a bit of a chav, as you can probably tell. On the show, her sex life was revealed. It was revealed that she had sex with someone in the bushes in a park and had been with male and female partners. Her boyfriend had cheated on her as well. He was a bit of a jerk. To cheat on someone like her is crazy. She is way better than him, in my opinion. It was an amazing thing because her private sexual life was exposed to everyone watching. It must have been very embarrassing. Or perhaps, it was a bit of a turn on. Her friend said that," She could not seemm to keep her knickers on."

Anyway, I find her really attractive for some reason. I would love to speak to her or even get to know here. I'm not sure if she is called Kelly or Kellie.

Jennifer Jason Leigh naked Ridgemont High

This is a naked picture of Jennifer Jason Leigh. This was from a mainstream film. I have begun to wonder what it must be like for people in that business. Surely, her friends and family would want to watch the films that she was in. Imagine being in a film and everyone you knew seeing something like this. It must be very embarrassing.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Naked Attraction Commentary

Hi everyone,

I am making this post because it would be cool to get some feedback and commentary on Naked Attraction. What do you think of the show? What do you think of the contestants? How about their bodies? Do you have any favourites? Do you know anyone who has been on it? Are you a person who has been on it? I would love to hear from anyone out there.

Speak soon,


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Naked Attraction Episode 4 part 2

Time for part two. All six of these women are very attractive in different ways. The guy seems a bit of jerk. He seemed really over confident. It was kind of funny because, it seemed like most of the women didn't really fancy him in the end. This seemed to shock him, but it was a bit funny. I will now talk about each girl. He also talked about choking on a girl's pubic which kind of makes him look like an idiot more than anything.

Girl orange was eliminated first. She was pretty adorable. She was quite curvy. She had really cute blue hair as well. I get the feeling that if I saw her in real like I would be more attracted to her. Her entire body was sexy. Again, a little overboard with the tattoos. It is really starange that it seems like three quarters of the women on this show have like have their bodies covered in tattoos. I sort of think its like drawing on a flower with a felt tip pen. It was beautiful enough as it could be before.

Girl red was next, I believe she was called Ruby from London. She was gorgeous. She had the sexiest facial expressions. She had sexy blue hair. She seemed naughty and adorable all at once. She seemed to have an American tinge in her voice. Ruby naked is a site to behold. She looks incredible. Oh yes, for some reason we don't get an ass shot of them all like we did in part one, which is disappointing. Asses are very important. We get to see Ruby's ass though. Every body part of hers is enjoyable to view. I love her piercings as well. What I like most is that sexy, naughty look she gives at the end. Perhaps, she enjoyed everyone seeing her sexy naked body.

Girl pink was next. She gave a lot of naughty expressions and looks. She licked her lips and used hand gestures at one stage. Her laugh is really sexy as well. I think the best part is at the end when she is elimnated. We get to see her ass. Although she is very slim, her ass is all jiggly and bouncey and it looks luscious. It's fun that the world gets to see her naked behind. She seemed to be the person who actually fancid the guy the most, in my estimation.

Girl blue was eliminated next. Although all the girls were really attractive, she would have to be my favourite. Her face, her eyes, her hair, her smile, the little abnormality in her teeth and that incredible body. Her mannerisms and facial expressions are also really sexy. She was eliminated because she was an "English Rose" and looked shy. Basically, he seemed to be implying that she was not slutty enough and was pale. She said that he seemed like a bit of a lad . She seemed way too classy for him, to be honest. She clearly did not fancy him. I reckon that she looked uncomforatble because she did not want him to pick her. I don't think she was attracted to him and didn't want the date, which will become a theme as we go along.

Girl yellow was the last to be eliminated. She did not seem too keen on him at all, to be honest. She even said as much. She said that he was a bit too posh for her. He was not posh in the least. I don't think she fancied him. Just being good looking is not always enough. You have to have some personality. Girl yello looked quite confident and naughty. She a really sexy body. Lots of tattoos again. I did not particularly care for the breast implants, but the rest of her was sexy. She looked a little bit older as well. She seems quite a dominant woman. I get the impression that she is not afraid to raise her voice and take charge.

Girl green was chosen. She had a very sexy shape. She had a sexy smile and face. She seemed to be on an earlier episode and was eliminated early on. The site of her naked body is a bit surreal. In the end, the guy thought that the date went well, but when they met again, she had started dating someone. Someone for real, maybe that she actually had a connection with or something in common with. When she told him, the silence was deafening. It served this guy right. I get the impression that he thinks he is something else and that women will just fancy him, he deserved to be humbled a bit. I really think he thought he could get his leg over.

In conclusion, I think that the show is too one sided. The people in the booths should have some say in who they are put up for, as it will never work if both sides aren't attracted to each other. The host is very, very annoying. Her attempts at trying to be clever and funny are just awful. Seeing these women fully naked on national television is still the highlight.